Newsletter - Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument

Back Pain

As the spine's flexibility and mobility of youth fades, the lower back and neck become increasingly overworked and over stressed. This often leads to herniated discs (following even minor injury) or chronic back pain and sciatica. Research has shown that increasing spinal flexibility and mobility restores function and helps to relieve pain.

Current Treatments for Back Pain

Today most treatment for back pain includes pain relievers, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic or surgery. If you are a person who has had these done with only mild to moderate results at best then there is another revolutionary option recently approved by the FDA. Today, with the use of the Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument (ASMI), trained practitioners can perform an effective and lasting treatment for patients with back pain. Through the gentle, passive movement of pairs of spinal vertebrae and the stimulation of the surrounding spinal muscles and reflexes, we can return flexibility and mobility, restoring function and relieving pain.

The Advanced Spinal Mobilizer Instrument

One of the most effective means to restore flexibility and mobility to the spine is the technique of Spinal Mobilization. The strength, consistency, repetition required however to effectively treat patients is beyond the abilities of most practitioners and so the Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument was developed. Cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2005, the ASMI is indicated for use and designed as an extension of the practitioner’s own hands, combining precise and infinitely variable control.

Developed in the United Kingdom there are currently only three clinics in the United States that have this unique hand held device. The patented handset incorporates four moving pads powered by variably controllable electro-pneumatics. Each treatment is delivered in three modes, an introductory or "spasm" mode, a para-spinal muscle "reflex" stimulation mode and the "mobilization" mode. Each mode is used to varying degrees depending on the patient's condition as determined by the practitioner. The ASMI is used to gently rock neighboring vertebrae back and forth. The condition of the joint determines the response to the applied effort. Initially the joint may be fixed or move imperceptibly. With time and successive treatments, flexibility, mobility and function is restored to the back and spine.

A Unique Treatment

Treatments are performed with patients lying prone or face down on a specially-designed treatment table that places the patient in a comfortable position while providing gentle passive traction opening up the joints in the spine. As the instrument is worked up and down the spine, each vertebra is gently counter-rotated with its neighbors. In many cases, after only a few treatment sessions, pain is progressively relieved!

  • The introductory or Spasm mode always begins and ends a treatment, relaxing the patient.
  • In the Reflex mode, short taps are applied to and stimulate and "wake up" para-spinal muscle groups.
  • In the Mobilization mode, gentle, moderate or firm hands-on treatment is applied to pairs of adjacent vertebrae producing counter-rotational movement and spinal mobilization.

Back pain accounts for over $90 billion a year in health care costs in the United States alone! With the introduction of the Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument (ASMI), there is a safe, efficacious, drug free, surgery free, non-invasive and conservative alternative to treat the millions of back pain sufferers in the United States and around the world.