• I learned great exercises at Coppola Physical Therapy to help strengthen my core and focus on the imbalances of my spine to help lessen the symptoms. ”

    ~ Lauren

  • I increased my strength and endurance with every visit. Tom taught me many great exercises that I am still utilizing daily. ”

    ~ Betty

  • My overall quality of life has improved greatly thanks to Steve and Coppola Physical Therapy. ”

    ~ Lauren

  • Just over 2 weeks after my first visit with you I am almost completely relieved of the discomfort that has bedeviled me for too long. ”

    ~ Boyd

  • Everything is going really well since you discharged me. I've been going to Planet Fitness 2-3 times a week - glad to be back there. ”

    ~ Bett

  • Not only do I feel better, but I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day since my back is no longer dragging me down. ”

    ~ Lauren

  • I am somewhat of a stickler for professionalism and I have found you and your staff to meet and exceed my expectations in that area. ”

    ~ Earl

  • I was first in a wheel chair, moved to a walker and then a cane. Due to their belief in me and knowledge as professionals I am now walking on my own. ”

    ~ Zina

  • What I liked about most at Coppola PT was its friendly atmosphere. The staff were very knowledgeable with multiple abilities. The manipulations were great! The front office staff were very friendly/helpful with both scheduling issues and insurance.   ”

    ~ Julie W.

    Concord - Pleasant St.
  • The whole staff I interacted with were totally involved and truly was there for the patients. Too many times this day and age the patient/customer is treated like a  bother instead of the lifeblood of their companies. Not Coppolla in [Tilton], again from front to back you have an AWESOME CREW!!!!! - Mark K. ”

    ~ Mark K.

  • “I have been very impressed with how easy, smoothly each session has gone. Very impressed with the professional but relaxed atmosphere of all involved; especially considering the stressful nature of having to have medical treatments. Thank you.” ”

    ~ Carmen M

  • “Great experience even though my headaches were not relieved. Steve is an awesome educator answering all my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. Thank you!” ”

    ~ Kristen C

  • “Everyone is AMAZING! Victoria at the reception desk is super nice, knows everything that’s going on and makes my day when I come in. Shane and Bobby are awesome. After my 1st appointment I felt better already and they make PT a fun experience. Thanks guys! <3” ”

    ~ Amanda S

  • “All 4 of the therapists were terrific. Thank you so much for a great experience. My doctor was “thrilled” with my progress – his words when I saw him. Thanks to everyone for all you have done for me.” ”

    ~ Patricia B

  • “This was a wonderful experience, going from extreme pain to relatively no pain! Also being taught strengthening exercises. Thank you!! J P.S. – could not stand up straight in the beginning and now I can!” ”

    ~ Kathleen K

  • “Very professional and knowledgeable; but friendly at the same time.  I’ll be back! ”

    ~ David L.

  • “Excellent experience – surgery and PT have taken my pain away and gotten me back to living my life. Aaron Miller was an amazing therapist. He is patient, encouraging, professional and has a great sense of humor. Highly recommended… thank you Aaron!” ”

    ~ Lisa R

  • “Shane was a pro! He was thorough, attentive, and patient. He adjusted sessions based on the progress made but always kept to the strategic goals.” ”

    ~ Stephen P

  • Steve was wonderful…not only was he an excellent therapist he was warm and caring. I always felt like I was his only patient. Nicole was tremendous…her hands were a GOD SEND. She helped my legs and feet. I am grateful to have found her. ”

    ~ Sharon

  • Shane and Gwen were very attentive and very professional .  they stayed with me during every exercise.  I felt comfortable knowing what to do at home and at Coppola.  It was hard work but I was motivated by Shane and Gwen and I am pleased with the outcome.  Thank you. ”

    ~ MBD

  • Steve and Nicole were very professional and understanding.  I was kept informed along each stage of the therapy.  Everyone I the office was most helpful at all times and operated with the utmost professionalism.  Thank you all. ”

    ~ Tom D.

  • Shane was great!! He clearly has great knowledge of what he is doing and is incredibly informative and helpful.  He always answered all of my questions and displayed expertise.  He was great to work with – He healed helped me get back to where I was before I injured my knees.  Thank you! ”

    ~ Erin R.

  • The whole staff I interacted with were totally involved and truly was there for the patients. Too many times this day and age the patient/customer is treated like a  bother instead of the lifeblood of their companies. Not Coppola in Tilton, again from front to back you have an AWESOME CREW!!!!! ”

    ~ Mark K

  • Without you I wouldn’t be walking or working. ”

    ~ Rhonda

    Concord Center
  • Everyone very pleasant and helpful. My therapy needs were met and now doing great. ”

    ~ Tom

    Concord - Pleasant St.
  • It was about 10 years ago that I went for Physical Therapy for my spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. I remember trying this new therapy they offered with the spinal mobilizer to help alleviate the difficulties I was having. It was the only thing that actually showed some improvement after only a few sessions I could stand up straight for the first time in months and it lessened the pain I was experiencing. I would recommend them very highly as one of the best physical therapist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I also feel that this machine should be used world wide. It was a Godsend. It changed my life.Thank you. ”

    ~ Steve M.

    Concord - Pleasant St.
  • I came in with a lot of rotator cuff/shoulder pain from volleyball, and was hoping to find some relief with PT. I ended up also getting dry needling in addition to the PT. It was very helpful, discharged after 6 sessions, with total relief, and a strength & stretching program to stay healthy. I'm very happy I came here for therapy, and couldn't recommend it more. ”

    ~ Joe C

    Concord Center
  • I came to Coppola with some significant shoulder pain and a numb spot in my lower back, both caused by athletics. Irene and Katie were able to quickly resolve the shoulder pain within about six weeks. If you have never tried dry needling, for me, it was a magical healing experience. The numb spot took a lot more time to fix but Irene and Katie stuck with it, working new areas of my back until they found the cause. Few weeks later and problem solved. Start to finish this was a wonderful experience, including reception. Katie, Irene and Renee are all extremely knowledgable and passionate about helping others, and they have all of the tools and technology to make it happen. They're all really funny to boot. I hope I never get hurt again but if I do it will give me an excuse to return. ”

    ~ Keith M.

    Concord Center
  • I saw Irene for neck pain. She treated me with compassion, professionalism, courtesy and the whole time I was getting treated, we were laughing and joking. It made the (tremendously painful) visits go by so much faster! My initial pain of 9 out of 10 was a 0 within 6 visits! She is truly a miracle worker and now I can go on helping people in my field of work, because of her. ”

    ~ Sarah K.

    Concord Center
  • Five years ago I herniated a disc in my back & after several ESI injections & lots of physical therapy I was still massive pain. I was able to walk, but not far. The doctors couldn’t do anything else with me & said I would have to live with this for the rest of my life. I was told to go out on disability. At that time I was 50 & there was no way I was going to do that. I went back to work part time & I work in Concord so I wanted PT close to my work. I found Coppola & started with a physical therapist & worked with a therapist for awhile in the pool & office, as often happens with good therapists everyone wants see them so I was put with another therapist. My new therapist continued on with what had been my therapy. After a few times of pool therapy & no change she put me on “land” therapy. Irene took the time to go over my entire injury area & found out was really wrong. After a few PT sessions my pain started to subside. I am now fully able to walk & back to work full time . I get an occasional ache now & then, but not the debilitating pain I was in before. I truly believe Irene is the reason I am walking & I throughly believe in the process. I highly recommend Coppola Physical Therapy !!!!! ”

    ~ Rhonda K.

    Concord Center
  • WOW! What a difference!! I came in early October unable to walk with stabbing back pain. I was back to work in one month! Irene was able to arrest muscle spasms pulling on my L4/5 and pinching my sciatica nerve. Also, the “homework” she gave me added strength & support to my spine to prevent further issues! First time being “needled” and can’t believe the results. If needed, I will definitely be back!! ”

    ~ Kurt S.

    Concord Center
  • Worked with Steve, Irene, Renee and Kaitlin - all are simply fabulous. If you need PT, this is the place to go. They helped me with multiple issues and got me back on my feet! ”

    ~ Tammy J.

    Concord Center
  • Irene and Katie are simply the best. I went in feeling defeated and I left feeling like I could tackle anything. They are compassionate, kind, firm when needed, funny when needed... They work together toward your best success. They are incredibly listeners, and thoughtful practitioners. The front desk is kind, humorous, and helpful. This is where you go. You won't regret it. ”

    ~ Alex P.

    Concord Center
  • The staff were knowledgeable, professional and they advocated for me to get the best services available. Their consistent presence throughout my recovery was valuable. ”

    ~ Jon E.

    Concord Center
  • Everything about this team is wonderful- professional, friendly, and supportive. I have been in their care for a variety of things for a couple of years now and I cannot recommend them enough. Your physical therapy needs will be met and more at Coppola PT at the Concord Center. They helped me run my first half marathon, relieved ongoing chest pain, and have been super helpful with neck and shoulder tightness. Dry needling has been the most effective treatment for me, for issues including neck and shoulder pain, Costochronditis, and ongoing pains from running ”

    ~ Megan H.

    Concord Center
  • Coppola is where you need to go to get back on your feet! They are knowledgeable and experienced, friendly, professional, and dedicated to get you back where you want to be. They helped me knee pain and lower-back pain, and now I'm squatting and dead-lifting better than ever! Thanks for all your help and encouragement!! ”

    ~ Benoit P.

    Concord Center
  • Coppola is where you need to go to get back on your feet! They are knowledgeable and experienced, friendly, professional, and dedicated to get you back where you want to be. They helped me knee pain and lower-back pain, and now I'm squatting and dead-lifting better than ever! Thanks for all your help and encouragement!! ”

    ~ BD

    Concord Center
  • I went to Coppola Physical Therapy at the Concord Center for neck pain that I was experiencing. I worked with Katie and Renee and they both did an excellent job. They treated my pain and educated me on how I can keep it from coming back. They were both friendly, efficient, and skilled at what they do. I am happy to say that my neck pain is completely gone! ”

    ~ Courtney C.

    Concord Center
  • My 12 year old daughter has had a medical mystery that got to its worst beginning of June 2018. She was not able to move. When I made her walk she would turn white and vomit. Even just taking a shower would make her turn white and she would need to go to bed. She was in intense pain all the time and was able to get no relief. She has been to the ER three to four times on top of multiple sepcailist. She has been put on birth control because the OB was thinking her sever side pain was possible endo. We have been seeing a GI specialist and he discovered chronic constipation, acid reflux and sever gas build up. Our treatment was clean outs every week to sometimes twice a week (which consisted of her drinking 10 8oz bottles of gadorade in as fast as possible and a clear diet until she was cleared out). Sje was seeing a holistic guy that pretty much said it was her ADHD making her overthink about the pain and causing it to heighten even when it was gone. She got a concussion May 2018 and was seeking OT and PT. As time went on her concussion symptoms were getting better, but her side worse. I couldn’t keep pushing her to do the PT exercises that were causing her so much pain with out a second opinion. I called Coppola Physical Therapy and go an appointment right away. In ten minutes after some questions and feelings her back Irean found that my little girl had a dislocated rib. It happened two summers ago in an accident at Whales Tale. I got her checked out on site and again by her PCP afterward. I have been telling all the specialist and professionals that she was hurt. That something was wrong. No one believed me. Worse no one believed her. They said she was depressed and it was in her head. They told her she needs to walk more and sent us to phyc. The PT for her concussion knew about her accident at Whales Tale I explained that’s when she stopped being active. He looked at me and said that there is no way she could have an injury that long undeteacted. The exercises that he had us do was causing her injured muscles to get worse. My little girl suffered for so long. After ONE visit Irean was able to but her rib back in place. My daughter had a look of wonder in her face and told me she could breath. I am so thankful for this place and their amazing care. My daughter was so happy to be whole again she did a summersault the next day and pulled her rib back out (because of the length of time it was misplaced there was emense about of muscle damage that will take time to heal) and they got her right in and corrected it again! I know without a doubt my daughter is in good hands and she will be able to be whole at last! ”

    ~ Melissa

    Concord Center
  • Excellent care, caring staff and great location! I was treated for insertional achilles tendonitis with a bone spur that was very painful. I completed 3 months of physical therapy and with the help of Erica, Melissa, Eric and Nick I am now so much better. They have many "tools" in their toolbox to help with my condition and I would highly recommend Coppola Physical Therapy for anyone searching for quality care and service. ”

    ~ Caryn

  • They got me back on my feet. It was a lot of work. The people are great. Thank you. ”

    ~ Vicki

  • This place ....omg... Thank you from the bottom of my spine... I feel amazing.. ”

    ~ Mickey

  • I am currently seeing Matt and Sam for my shoulder injury. They are real friendly and talkative. I found the dry needling very helpful. Will be back for more! ”

    ~ Bobby

  • A very positive experience with great results! My physical therapist, Shane, was absolutely the best. When I first started with therapy I could not stand straight and could not walk without having a great deal of excruciating pain in my lower back. Now, I am standing straight and walking over a mile on my daily walks. Shane, thank you so much!!! ”

    ~ Kathleen

  • Coppola Physical Therapy is the absolute best! They are always able to get me right in for evaluation and treatment for my neck and back pain, and right back to training! I have been to the Derry, Candia, and Concord locations, and feel welcomed and comfortable every time. Whether its manipulation, ultrasound, trigger point/dry needling, stretches; I always walk out of there feeling better, and with tools to help keep me feeling my best. I was constantly in pain and miserable before I found Coppola PT to help me manage my sports injuries. They make it possible for me to keep doing what I love. Highly recommend these guys! ”

    ~ Cathy

  • After struggling through a month of severe upper back pain with no solutions provided by my doctors aside from steroids, anti inflammatories and muscle relaxers, I reached out to Coppola PT in Derry. They were able to get me on the schedule right away. I've had the pleasure of working with Steve, who has been extremely detailed with his investigation on the cause of my pain. He discovered problems with my alignment that was caused by an underlying rotator cuff injury. After 3 weeks of visits, 2 times per week and 1 week left to go, I'm finally pain free and working on getting my strength back. Friendly, professional and knowledgable staff, I can't recommend them enough! ”

    ~ Nicole

  • This is by far the best group of clinicians in physical therapy that I have been to. They are very professional and informative. When you arrive you feel welcomed and not just another person getting pushed through. It is a very welcoming environment that I would recommend to anyone. Keep up the great work!!!! ”

    ~ James

  • I can't say enough about Aaron from Copolla in Derry. I struggled with chronic shoulder pain and stiffness for about a year and a half. After several dry needling and physical therapy visits with Aaron, I am back to my regular self. Thanks, Aaron! ”

    ~ Emilia

  • I started going to Coppola PT in November with a knee issue that had been plaguing me for months and severely limiting my mobility and activity. The combination treatment that Matt provided helped me to heal and resume all normal activity. I also had been suffering from Plantar Fascitis for over two years so once my knee treatment ended we started treatment for my foot. I am happy to say that in just 2 months of treatment for each condition I am healed. My gym activity is stronger than ever and I feel great. The types of treatment I received was Soft-Tissue Instrument Assisted Mobilization, Dry Needling (with and without stim) and Cupping. I also got orthodics for my sneakers and it has made a huge difference. I can honestly say that if it weren't for the physical therapy I received at Coppola I wouldn't be healed. I'm very grateful to have this local practice available. I highly recommend the therapists at Coppola. ”

    ~ Anna

  • Everyone was so I very nice and accommodating. It was so nice to walk into a SMILING and HAPPY person at the front desk!!! Thank you all for your patience and kindness.... ”

    ~ JoAnn

  • I’ve been going there for 6 months and they have been nothing but the best. The staff are very professional and they care a lot about there patients. The receptionists are always happy and greet you with kindness and with a huge smile on their faces. Both Matt and Felicia definitely know how to treat their patients both professionally and personally. So if you live in or around the Farmington area this is the place you should go! ”

    ~ Thomas

  • Since 2015, I have rehabbed my shoulder, then, cervical spine and now, lumbar spine at Coppola in Farmington. Felicia is currently my physical therapist. I find her to be knowledgeable and thorough. I was pleased today when I went to see Dr. Dirksmeier, a surgeon at Seacoast Orthopedics, that he holds Felicia in high regard. Typically he has new patients repeat their PT at his facility when they start out with him. When he heard I was being seen by Felicia he said that would be unnecessary and to continue with her until my surgery. ”

    ~ Nancy

  • Very kind and helpful people wirk here. I went for 8 sessions to help a herniated disk. I learned many helpful exercises and was given extremely beneficial massages. My pain went from an 8 or 9 to a 2 or 3 in 4 weeks. They also have an awesome gym that is free while you are in a physical therapy program and is even more cost effective than planet fitness. Check these guys out, they helped me alot! (I am 19 yrs old) ”

    ~ Daniel

  • I was sent to Coppola and it was a great experience. Had a family crisis and they put my needs before anything else. And worked with me on my PT. Love this place. ”

    ~ Janice

  • Eric really knows what he is doing and was able to eliminate my pain quickly. If needed, I will definitely come back. ”

    ~ Eric

  • I was very happy with the services I received. Everyone was friendly and professional. ”

    ~ William