~Derry June 2016- “Steve was wonderful…not only was he an excellent therapist he was warm and caring. I always felt like I was his only patient. Nicole was tremendous…her hands were a GOD SEND. She helped my legs and feet. I am grateful to have found her.” – Sharon 

~Tilton January 2018- I want to take this opportunity to thank Coppola Physical Therapy for their service. Eric and Melissa are very good at what they do. They explain what they are doing and why it is helping to make my shoulder stronger. They are excellent therapists and the receptionist was very pleasant also. 

~Derry June 2016- Kimmery was both friendly and professional.  I appreciate her knowledge on my injury and her approach her my PT. – Mike M. 

~Derry June 2016-Shane and Gwen were very attentive and very professional .  they stayed with me during every exercise.  I felt comfortable knowing what to do at home and at Coppola.  It was hard work but I was motivated by Shane and Gwen and I am pleased with the outcome.  Thank you. – MBD 

~Derry June 2016- Steve and Nicole were very professional and understanding.  I was kept informed along each stage of the therapy.  Everyone I the office was most helpful at all times and operated with the utmost professionalism.  Thank you all. – Tom D.

~Derry March 2016- Shane was great!! He clearly has great knowledge of what he is doing and is incredibly informative and helpful.  He always answered all of my questions and displayed expertise.  He was great to work with – He healed helped me get back to where I was before I injured my knees.  Thank you!  Erin R.

~ Tilton March 2016- The whole staff I interacted with were totally involved and truly was there for the patients. Too many times this day and age the patient/customer is treated like a  bother instead of the lifeblood of their companies. Not Coppolla in [Tilton], again from front to back you have an AWESOME CREW!!!!! - Mark K

~ Candia October 31, 2012- I saw my mother suffer from headaches my entire childhood. They would debilitate her and in my childhood innocence, I offered the only thing I could to help alleviate her pain - I would kiss her on the forehead. She would thank me and tell me that her head felt better already and I would trot off feeling such joy that my kiss was that powerful. A small return for all that my mother did for me. As I grew older and began suffering from the same debilitating headaches I quickly learned two things. One, compassion for my mother to feel just how much pain she was suffering from but tried not to show me and two, she was lying to me. Kisses do NOTHING to relieve the pain.

As time went on, I continued to suffer from headaches that I would wake up with and have the entire day until. I couldn't concentrate, I would get nauseas and nothing would relieve the pain. Aspirin and Tylenol did NOTHING and Exedrin and Aleve stopped working after a while. That's when I became "addicted" to Advil. It seemed to be the only thing that worked consistently and even that wasn't a guarantee. Besides, it was more of a bandage than a treatment. I suffered from these headaches 3-4 times a month. Three to four days of every month spent in bed with cooling cream or heat bags on my head praying that I could sleep until it went away. Hours of professional and personal productivity lost.

I had been to doctors and specialists and no one could offer any insight. Maybe it's what I'm eating, maybe it's allergies, maybe I'm grinding my teeth at night. Maybe I was going to suffer with these headaches for the rest of my life.

Then I had a one-to-one with Irene and she described patients coming in with headaches and feeling them "melt away" while having this Trigger Point Dry Needling procedure. Really? I'm listening. She showed me a muscle chart and illustrated how people with headaches usually feel the pain in their shoulder, their neck and into their forehead. That's exactly my pain. I'm interested. Then she said they take all major insurances. I'm sold!

I started the procedure with Irene's husband, Steve, in the beginning of October. It started with a consultation and a sample of the procedure to see how I would react to it. I then went in twice a week for the next two weeks. One Wednesday, Irene asked how it was going and I said, "Fine. I'm almost hoping I have a headache the next time I go in just to see if it really makes it go away as quickly as you say." Be careful what you wish for. The next day, I called Steve to bump up my appointment. I was suffering and couldn't concentrate at work. There's no way I'd make it until my scheduled appointment at 5. After my appointment I was RELIEVED! The pain was gone! What was going to be an early day spent in bed turned into a productive day at the office.

Two treatments later Steve told me my muscles looked and felt better and instead of continuing to take my insurance company's money, he told me there was no need to continue coming in regularly. He gave me some exercises to strengthen the muscles believed to be causing the pain and suggested just calling if I get a headache again. It's been a week since I saw him last and 2 weeks since I've had a headache and that constant ache behind my shoulder blade is gone.

You should know that the procedure itself, "feels weird" since your muscle is twitching. You may also feel soreness after the treatment equivalent to working out whatever muscle they are targeting, because that is essentially what is happening, but it doesn't hurt. Even the imagined pain can't be as bad as the pain you're already suffering. So, if you suffer from chronic muscle pain, and you don't want to rely on kisses to relieve it, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Coppola Physical Therapy and see if Trigger Point Dry Needling is right for you. THANK YOU STEVE!! Joshua

~ Candia- "Before I had PT for my back pain, I was living with pain every day. I had the hardest time sleeping due to my muscular pain and tightness in my back and was feeling exhausted every day. When I started going to PT for my back at Coppola Physical Therapy and Fitness Gym, I learned that I have a muscular imbalance due to my slight curvature of the spine. I learned great exercises to help strengthen my core and focus on the imbalances of my spine to help lessen the symptoms.Not only do I feel better, but I sleep better and have more energy throughout the day since my back is no longer dragging me down. My overall quality of life has improved greatly thanks to Steve and Coppola Physical Therapy! I can't thank him and his staff enough!! Thank you Thank you!!!" Lauren- Manchester, NH

~ Candia- I was introduced to Steven from a very dear friend of mine in December of 2009. I knew the moment I met him he was passionate and gifted in his abilities as a Physical Therapist. I knew I could trust him... I had a Tumor removed from inside my Spinal Colum at C3. I was first in a wheel chair, moved to a walker and then a cane. Due to Stevens' belief in me and his knowledge as a professional I am walking on my own. My recovery will never give me all of my body or feelings back but Steven has given me the hope of never stop believing in myself. There were many times I wanted to just give up but he kept pushing me and showing me I could win this battle. I am now a member of this gym due to my improvement has reached a plateau but who knows what the future may bring. I'm thinking of myself as not disabled but just living a different life now with the help from Steven. I can't thank you enough Steven for what you have done and continue to do for me.- Zina

~ Candia- Just over 2 weeks after my first visit with you I am almost completely relieved of the discomfort that has bedeviled me for too long. Starting with the shoe inserts and with your treatment we have eliminated both the cause and the symptoms. I have more energy and stamina now than I did 5 years ago!Thanks Steve for your help.I won't hesitate to see you in the future. Sincerely, Boyd

~Tilton- I am finally feeling the full benefits of the dry needling treatments you gave me. It took a while but I feel they were totally worth it and would do it again. I am still willing to take an 800 mile round trip to have them done. Luckily I have a daughter to visit in the area, so it is always worth the trip. Having spent nearly twenty years in the health profession, I am somewhat of a stickler for professionalism and I have found you and your staff to meet and exceed my expectations in that area. Your "bedside manner" with me was of the highest order that some doctors have fallen short of. I am going to be in the area in mid-May and will try to stop by for a visit and maybe a treatment. Once again thank you very much and feel free to point this out to your employer and other patients. You have my highest endorsement. -Earl

~ Farmington- I was referred to Tom after completing PT from the local VNA following a total knee replacement. I was told Tom would add "the frosting to the cake". And that he did! I increased my strength and endurance with every visit. Tom taught me many great exercises that I am still utilizing daily. He is an excellent practitioner who worked with me in a patient, consistent and professional manner. Makes me want to have the other knee replaced! Betty J.

~ Ferry St. Concord- I am an athlete that has seen a large number of physical therapists over the years. Last week I visited Steve Gordon who is the doctor at the Concord Ferry St. location. The location was easy to find in down town Concord with plenty of parking. The reason I went to see him was a ache in my upper back. He not only fixed the problem with my back that I went to see him for, he also fixed a 2 year old nagging injury in my wrist. Steve was nice and very knowledgeable about his profession. He took the time to show me things I could do to prevent further injury. He also asked if there was anything else bothering me which lead to him looking at and fixing my wrist. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone experiencing pain or nagging old injuries. Ken D.

~ Pleasant St. Concord- I was recommended to Coppola PT by Dr. Jane Sullivan-Durand. The Pt's I was with were knowledgable, attentive, thourough, sincere, but most of all FUN! The front office staff were also attentive, quick and easy. I would rate this a 10/10 experience. Lois A.
~ Pleasant St. Concord 3/26/13- I am glad that I'm having my PT at Coppola Center. Very good service and all the staff are nice...especially Meghan,she always makes me happy and smile after every session of dry needles, massage and oh! the popping of my bones hehehe. She is really nice and really knowledgable about what she's doing...thank you for making me feel better Meghan, see you on Friday! Dee V.
~ Pleasant St. Concord 3/26/13- Steve and Donna have helped me twice. First for my Knee and IT bands and then again for my Rotator Cuff surgery.  I recommend them Highly .... A great place to rehab .... Very caring and concerned people. Susan RC.
~ Farmington 3/25/13- Gotta say - I live in Milton and it is great to see the local resource we have in Tom Naro at your Farmington office. professional, knows what he is talking about and doing a great job with me here in my 3rd week after ACL reconstruction surgery. Mike W.
~ Candia 3/26/13- I was in your care for my hands and it was wonderful. Everything that was done was explained. I also had a one on one with Cynthia and she gave me excellent exercise ideas. I will always pick Coppola for any PT in the future. JoAnn P.
~ Candia 3/26/13- While I have been in for various issues over the years, Coppola PT & staff have been nothing more than caring and have never given up on me, even when I was close to giving up on myself. They always welcome questions and respect our fears. Thank you my heros! Theresa B.
~ Candia 3/26/13- Respecting my fears as others have mentioned, yet gently pushing me to get beyond it is one of the many things I enjoy about Coppola PT. I was almost 6 months post-op with a different PT group and still doing basic exercises, even though I was asking for more. I switched to Coppola and am now doing a full routine on the Nautilus type machines! Thank you, Steve. Cassandra L.
~Tilton- I know when I come here I will be taken well care of and any problems that I have will be fixed. I appreciate all the help that I have received from Coppola Physical Therapy. David S.
~Tilton- Eric was very professional and very friendly and most of all helpful. It was a pleasure working with him. Thank you Eric. Nicole D.
~ Pleasant St. Concord 5/1/13- They were willing to give it 110% and tried every tool available to them and spent the time needed to fully understand and help solve my issue. I will recommend you to EVERYONE I know that needs PT. You have given me my life back! I feel that after 2 years of TRYING to get better, you guys have been the key to my success! THANK YOU & GOD BLESS! Kerry W.
~ Candia 5/24/13- I have been to 2 other physical therapists in the past and was often left on my own to exercise without anyone observing. When I'm here I feel like everyone is working "with" me to help get to the best level of fitness with minimal pain. I rate their service a 10/10. The staff is friendly and caring! They listened to me and didn't give up on me, even when I needed a push to keep working on exercises. I always felt better when I left and was in a lot less pain. Barbara R.
~Candia 5/8/13- What I liked about my experience at Coppola PT was their ability to target the source of the problem and vary the methods used to treat it. I had 6 visits and had more progress than 6 months at other places. The staff was very helpful and scheduling was easy/accommodating. Thank you for everything. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Steve C.

~ Pleasant St. 7/10/13Stevie: I want you to know how much I appreciate all you did to help me get past my shoulder and arm pain that sidelined me for several months earlier this year. I came to Coppola because of the successful treatment I got from KK a couple of years ago when I suffered from a left hip labrum tear.  While Dr. Grobman was unable to diagnose that problem, KK did and successfully treated me over a couple of months of therapy, supplemented with the home exercises she recommended. You did the same with my right shoulder, which was in severe pain for almost a year.  Now, because of your help, I am totally pain free and have returned to tennis and golf with more upper body strength to make me an even better player. While I worried that the hip and shoulder pain might keep me permanently on the "injured reserved" list, I fully recovered from each malady with your help and am enjoying my active life again, without pain. Thanks again for your knowledge, expertise, hands-on treatment and your positive demeanor throughout my therapy. Wishing you all the best as you head into the fall and your upcoming wedding. Thanks again, Jay F.

~ Tilton 9/10/13- I went to the Tilton office twice a week for 3 months and I can not be happier with the results. After a level 3 ac seperation in my dominant arm I was unable to work fulltime or really function well in general. I started seeing Eric their and started feeling/seeing results within a few visits. By the end of my therapy, I had reached my goals of getting back to work fulltime (mechanic) and be able to play actively with the kids again without fatigue or pain . Overall, I can't be happier with the entire experience... from the staffs friendly service and overall great attitude, to Eric's obvious knowledge and great personality. Thank you so much for everything. Seth D.

~ Ferry St. 9/25/13Dear Steve, Thanks again for the work you did with me. When I first started getting ringing in my ears, my doctor told me that there was nothing he could do and I would have to live with it. You were the first medical professional who said you knew how to fix it – and, what’s better, you did! I’m truly grateful for the work you did. As an added bonus, you also helped with my neck and shoulder pain and back stiffness, which I didn’t expect! Referring a friend or family member to another professional is one of the highest compliments I can give to a person’s services. I really appreciate the work you’re doing to help my fiancée. I will happily continue to pass my friends and family to you. Seth H.